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I religious apply toner and moisturizer every night, but still haven’t gotten accustomed to the mask. I know I really need to try it, but I just seem to get lazy about it. The chocolate mask sounds amazing and something I should try out 🙂

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Wood Watches by JORD
I love the look of these watches. They are unique and make a great gift for both men and women. Even though my phone has a clock, I just like the ease of checking the time on my wrist 🙂

I didn’t know it reduced puffy eye! Next time I’m going to try and leave it for 5 – 10 minutes and see how much of a difference it makes for me 🙂 O, and your pictures are so fun and cute!

6 Healthy & Nutritious Detox Drinks One Should Try
What we consume is so important!!!! Growing up in Japan, I ate a lot of roots (ginger, burdock, ect.) and a variety of mushrooms. I wish it was more easily accessible and affordable here in the states. I’ve never tried a detox, but have definitely considered it 🙂

It is so important to be able to talk to someone at times when you are not feeling your best. Talking really does help and it’s also extremely important to let that person they are not alone. I’m so glad there are organizations like RUOK out there to help people who are in need.

I agree that clothes can really change one’s mood. If I am in my PJs all day, I literally feel super lazy and just want to eat and watch TV. Hahahhaha, not a good idea so I try to get out of my PJs ASAP. I’m also in love with your red heels!!!!!