For the past few months Jeanswest at Westfield Geelong had been closed down temporarily as it was changing its whole look of the store for a better, fresher and bigger range of items to offer to its loyal customers and public. Finally after much anticipation the doors reopened this past Thursday (14th July 2016) to the public and I can tell you, the wait was worth it!

Jeanswest recently contacted me and asked if I would be interested in checking out the new look of the store at Westfield Geelong and showing it to my gorgeous readers, which I more than happy jumped at the opportunity. I met with Marissa, the store manager who walked me through every section of the store, showing me the new design of the store, the new clothing ranges and explaining everything about Jeanswest and the decision behind the revamped look.

Jeanswest Geelong - Westfield Geelong

Comparing it the old look of the store, this new face of Jeanswest is such a huge difference!

It’s brighter, warmer, more appealing aesthetically and the whole environment has a much more welcoming vibe about it, whereas the old look had a slightly dreary, hate to say it, kinda depressing, colder vibe. It really wasn’t that welcoming. I didn’t go in there as much before the new revamped look for those reasons.

But now with a brand new logo and a fresh modern colour palette throughout the whole store, a more vibrant energy is now felt, with a laid-back cool stylish vibe. You know how you can go into certain stores and just the whole energy of them can be, ‘not quite right’ and they can either makes you feel claustrophobic or the vibe of the store is just too icy cold, messy like in feng-shui style… well not at Jeanswest anymore. Seriously, I was that impressed. Perfect design, perfect energy flow, perfect shopping environment.

Now too celebrate the store reopening, any Jeanswest Rewards Members (you can sign-up online, its free) who make a purchase between Thursday 14 July and Sunday 17 July 2016 at the Geelong store will automatically go into the draw to win a $500 Jeanswest wardrobe PLUS a styling session with local Westfield stylist, Renee Enright. How brilliant is that?! #winning

“We are delighted to showcase the update store design to the Geelong community who I think appreciate the fresh new look. From the moment a customer steps through the doors, wther they’re shopping with us for the first time or a returning customer, they’re going to love it!” Mark Daynes, Jeanswest CEO

There are over 156 fits, washes and leg lengths available. Seriously, Jeanswest is the only place that you should be heading too! A massive range of Curve Embracers, Tummy Trimmers, Butt lifters (yep, you now can get that instant ‘perky’ butt without having to work out! #buttwinning), Boyfriends, Super Skinnies and Maternity, it is ridicously more than guaranteed that you are going to find your perfect denim match! #jeanswest

This is now the perfect time for all you gorgeous ladies out there to go and update your wardrobe with the latest transeasonal range. From the injection of beautiful dusty rose styled back with soft feminine prints, ladies you will all be stylish with this seasons hottest trends but more importantly feeling comfortable.

But for the hunky men, don’t worry you haven’t been forgotten about! The Jeanswest man will love the simple styling of a tropical Havana escape in earthy tones and hints of faded olive, these are the colours on trend for this winter and upcoming S16. A must is to check out the linen which features heavily in shirting with tees featuring monochromatic prints styled back with clean stripes.

So if you’re in Geelong this weekend, do yourself a favour, go and check out the new revamped designed Jeanswest at Westfield Geelong. You’re going to love the fresh new look of the store and the huge new range it now has and I am so sure that you will be back for more. Now don’t forget to sign up to become a Jeanswest member to enter into their amazing $500 value wardrobe draw and good luck! And remember, once you go Jeanswest, you never shop elsewhere.

Jeanswest + you = the perfect fit!

* Post in collaboration with Jeanswest. Photos taken by me!

Tartan or plaid is a trend that always returns. OK I will admit that tartan can be of an acquired taste but it seriously it is a one of a kind style. If you style it the right way it can really glam up any outfit… taking it to that other level of a street style vibe. Very edgy high glam.

I personally have always been quite partial to tartan.  I just absolutely love it! To me it represents individuality, style, class and pure rock & roll.

You don’t need to be Scottish or a Sid Vicious fan (of the 70’s UK punk era) to be linked with tartan or even a nerd. Haha! (note: nerds are awesome, I for one am also a nerd!)

It’s a very bold style and it commands authority and let me just say that tartan is always revisted on the runways every few years by major designers.

Just think of Alexander McQueen. It’s traditional and modern but seriously always eye catching.

So go on, and tartan it up!


  • Tartan pants bought from (on-sale)
  • Sleeveless turtleneck black top bought at K-Mart Australia
  • Heels from Zara (bought in Portugal)
  • Over the knee Boots bought on eBay Australia
  • Fedora hat bought on eBay.UK
  • Scarf bought on eBay.UK
  • Skirt from Valley Girl (Australia)
  • Black blazer from Mango (bought in Portugal)


ASOS - Helene Berman Button Down Belted Coat In Berry Plaid
Valley Girl - Check Print Midi Skirt $14.95
Cue - Plaid High Waist Trouser
photos taken by TAS.
location: Cowies Creek, Norlane West - Victoria, AUSTRALIA

I have lived in Geelong all of my life and have seen it develop from a dreary grey industrial town into a flourishing gorgeous multi cultural vibrant town that is now competing with the bigger cities in Victoria as the place to come and visit every weekend with the family or actually make that official move to live in this beautiful town.

In recent years Geelong’s Waterfront has been given gradual make-overs and is now not only a prominent feature of Geelong, but a beautiful one too. Walking along Eastern Beach is a must for anyone coming to Geelong. From the Geelong Botanical Gardens to Cunningham Pier, past restaurants on the beach, luscious green lawns for having picnics on sunny days, the carousel – the view of the bay, with boats in the distance rocking gently on the water, making it for a perfect setting.

If you travel down to Eastern Beach there is a public swimming pool right in front of the beach, or for people who prefer saltwater, go swimming in the bay. There is an enclosed area with a semi-circular boardwalk around it that is also perfect to go for a swim in.  Or if you just feel like taking in the views at Eastern Beach, there are steep hills to sit on that lead down to the beach, with perfect views over the bay, especially on a gorgeous clear sunny day.

The streetscape also over time has been refurbished and renovated with wide footpaths and new sculptures gracing the city streets. I love my Geelong and so proud of how its developed over time and can see that this is the place to come and unwind, and raise your family.

Wearing: Rockman bootleg denim jeans & ruffle peasant top,

TEMT sleeveless top & jacket,

Forever New heels & white handbag

Thea & Theos fringe handbag.


*Advertorial post in collaboration with Rockmans

                                                   photos taken by TAS.
                                     location: Geelong Waterfront - Victoria, AUSTRALIA

The original style Volkswagen beetle car is still a beloved car that many people have many fond memories of and still appears in the odd Hollywood movie (mainly in comedy goof ball movies). The original beetle bug as its been affectionally known as is a two-door, four passenger, rear-engine economy car manufactured and marketed by the German automaker, Volkswagen (VW) from 1938 until 2003.


That the original idea for the car was designed by a Mr. Joseph Ganz (who was a Jewish engineer) and once Adolf Hitler saw this car at an auto car show back in 1933, decided to steal the idea and had the car manufactured under his authority and poor old Joseph was written out of history books. Shame on you Adolf, shame on you!

The beautiful town of Drysdale is a rural town near Geelong (Victoria, Australia) and is located on the Bellarine Peninsula. The small town has an approximate population of over 3,700 and is slowly developing into a thriving town.


That the town is actually named after a woman called Anne Drysdale who has an estate called “Coriyule” that still sits above the township. The area used to be known as “McLeod’s Waterholes and Bellarine”and the township began to develop in the late 1840s‘.

                                                photos taken by XABAKA DESIGN.
                                           location: Drsydale - Victoria, AUSTRALIA

I have lived in Geelong all of my life and have seen it develop from a dreary grey industrial town into a flourishing gorgeous multi cultural vibrant town that is now competing with the bigger cities in Victoria as the place to come and visit every weekend with the family or actually make that official move to live in this beautiful town.

I love my Geelong and I am a dedicated Geelong ‘townie’. In this week’s outfit post I decided to showcase the beautiful Rippleside Park, which is a beautiful foreshore reserve that over looks onto the bay. This well utilised park has everything for the whole family with extensive BBQ facilities and a huge open space with exceptional views over the Corio Bay.


Did you know that the first early Geelong’s settlers targeted the area because of its convenience closeness proximity to the Melbourne-Geelong Road (which runs vertically to Rippleside Park). By 1854, after the Geelong settlers choose their lands and in 1857 the Melbourne-Geelong railway was opened, and shortly thereafter the North Geelong railway station was opened and began operating.

The park is used for many events that happen throughout the year in Geelong such as charity events and fun runs. Rippleside Park and the adjoining beach is popular with local families and tourists because it has multiple picnic and BBQ areas and a wooden playground for the children.

The very large open area is popular for fitness groups to use as a training ground and the adjoining beach frontage is very popular for joggers and dog walkers, the footpath leads all the way towards to the Western Beach and Geelong’s waterfront area. There is also a local restaurant/café called ‘Ripples by the Bay’ which I took my daddy for his 72nd birthday before he passed away in 2009. He loved the area and the restaurant/café.


* I bought my nautical stripe H&M jumper three weeks ago and they are now no longer available so I have found a similar jumper to what I wore in this post that is currently available at H&M.

eBay – ‘Over the Knee Black Suede Boots’ | Sussan – ‘Slimline Beige Pants Birch’‘ | Lluis & Co. Watches – Melbourne | H&M – ‘Stripe Knitted Jumper’

* Please note that a section of this post was endorsed by Lluis & Co. – MelbourneItem(s) provided to me for my editorial consideration are in accordance with my disclaimer policy


Remaining items on this post contain direct links to the stores and actual pieces. I don’t receive any type of endorsement or commission from these companies. They are my own opinions and thoughts on the actual pieces that I am recommending.

                                                  photos taken by TAS.
                              location: Rippleside Park, Geelong - Victoria, AUSTRALIA