You may have noticed that it’s been a few weeks since I last posted here on the blog. I had to take a step back only because so much has been going on in my personal life that I felt mentally and emotionally drained and just needed to step back from everything including my own beloved blog, to get my spirit back. So what kind of things were happening in my life?

       💭 A close friend broke my heart (if she still is that, I really honestly don’t know – showed no courtesy, lied and turned against me for whatever reason I just don’t know). You don’t need to be in a romantic relationship to have your heart broken, even a friendship can break it too.

       💭 My 8.30AM to 5PM office job. As most of you know, I also work as a claims assistant for an insurance company and have for almost 9 years, five days a week and where I live in Geelong, over the past few weeks we have had three storm events that have caused a-lot of insurance claims to filter through. It has been so chaotic, so frantic that I became so mentally exhausted from my office job, that I just found I had no energy left in me for the blog. Also, I became quite sick because of the exhaustion. I was even having to have siesta naps at work during lunch breaks just to somehow get through the next few hours. So, in turn I had to focus more on my office job and a little less on my blog – but only temporary, OK!

       💭 And the lucky number three? My anxiety returned to full force. The brutal critic inside of my head attacked my self confidence more and more than I had expected, belittled my spirit and crushed my soul into smithereens.

But I’m finally back!!!

I still have a few things that I am sorting out within myself and with my anxiety. I’ve been meditating and doing yoga more, whilst also taking my herbal anxiety supplements to keep the monster on the down low. And it’s working for me.

With my office job, well we are slowly getting there and getting outside help from other states within our company, sending down adjusters to help out our branch. I’m still having my daily lunch time siesta naps just to help with the mental shut down and refreshment for an hour.

But I’ll soon be back in full force with my sassy energy, the fire in my soul, the artistic creative spirit and thunder in my heart!

and now about the outfit

I have always had a deep love and fascination for leather pants. Maybe its because I associate leather pants with being a rock star!! I don’t know, I mean just look at Jon Bon Jovi, Mick Jagger, Rihanna etc. How amazing hardcore, stylish, chic but yet so cool and casual and non-try hard do they look??!

I think leather pants are so hot, so sexy and just give you that extra oomph of confidence and hidden sexuality that you were searching for and wanting, but were afraid to try or ask. I probably have about three pairs of leather pants in my wardrobe. Two are black and the other maroon.

This one in today’s post is from Missguided . There are two zips just above the hip in the usual pocket area giving it that extra street style edge.

And the corset top? Also from Missguided. Corset tops are making a huge appearance in just about every high street store you can name. I came across this one that I’m wearing in the new section of Missguided. My mouth literally just dropped and I said out loud, ‘OMG! I have to have this!!’. So I did and bought it. No two thoughts about it.

The style is feminine but yet has a Joan of Arc energy about it. Because I have such a strong love affair with the rock star persona, I’ve added this top with my leather pants and ankle boots.

But you can completely add this corset top with business pants to work, a gorgeous pleated dress – there really are no limits to what you can wear this top with but more specifically, fashion. Use your imagination and fly free with it!!

OK, I’m off to work but first need to drop by the gas station to buy some energy drinks to get my motors revving! Have a fabulous day everyone, hugs to all of you xoxo




A Reality Check for Women of ALL Ages


Oh, winter is definitely on its way!! While here in Australia, down the southern end we have been so incredibly lucky to have had the warm weather up until last week, but the cold weather is now starting to set in. Today is meant to be a top of 14 degrees!! 14 degrees!! Can you believe that?!! Brrrrrr!!!!! So I am completely rugged up today.

I’ve got my asymmetrical poncho cardigan that I bought at Cotton-On, along with my trusty turtleneck (bought at Mango in Portugal) and my ever true love Zara military ankle boots (yes, yes, they appeared a few times on this blog. What can I tell you? I truly TRULY love them!!).

But today I want to speak and share about something that I am so incredibly passionate about, and truly believe in my whole heart and soul, with every fiber in my body, that in this day and age, find it so baffling that society finds it either wrong or are turned off by a woman over the age of thirty-five or more, to want to continue living in this world, so to speak.


Let me just start by saying you may either de-follow me, unsubscribe or continue to follow me in support, after what I’m about to say – and you know what, that is OK. I just want to say I am not going to be one of those bloggers who will be dictated by what an ‘older’ blogger should be, should wear or should act and/or behave all just because I am, of a ‘certain’ supposed age.

As a woman, I just want to say I will not allow to be caged in because of the number of years I have lived on this earth. I will express myself as my heart desires, as my soul needs to speak, as my spirits needs to shed another layer of skin to continue on its journey of life. I will not allow society to put me into a ‘home’ or a should I say a ‘prison’ because it feels threatened, unnerved by a (so to speak) ‘mature’ person still growing, dreaming and wanting to achieve all of their dreams desires, be it in a public way or not.

I will not be stereotyped by my age or gender. If it does unnerve you, the question should be asked: WHY?

What is it that scares you about a person of a certain age that wants to continue to live their life, that refuses to be placed into an aged category and be deemed, ‘old’ by their date on their birth certificate.


As a woman we are criticized (whether you realise it or not) and you will be vilified for wanting to continue to live and express your thoughts, loves, passion, feelings etc. I think the most controversial thing is to want to continue to strive after the age of 35.

My father always told me to fight against the: “could not, would not or I must not”. Resist all of the doubters and naysers to become stronger. Become a fighter, never give up and never allow someone to treat me differently because of my age or gender.

As the saying goes, I shall shake what my mama and papa gave me. I will not and shall not be caged into a supposed ‘what is expected once you are over 40’ to be. There is no age limit to express my hearts desire, my dreams, my eccentricity, my artistic and creative expression.

Please know, I am NOT having a melt down and I am not going through ‘that change’ (just in case you did assume that… again another stereo type for a woman’s behavior or actions). I am just expressing and showcasing my worth as a woman in this ever changing youth obsessed world, that I will not be pushed aside and be made silent, and conform to a stereotype. I too have a right to exist, and have so much to give, to explore, to live and to show.

So you are going to see a blogger that is going to continue to be her true self and not conform to the ageist minority society that exists. I will continue to be my authentic fabulous fashionable self and kick ass in my Manolos and wear BooHoo.ComH&MPretty Little Things or whoever I so desire.

Because you know what, I too have that right and I know what looks good and can pull it off. So don’t label me, or put a tape across my mouth or put me into a nursing home just yet. I will decide when  I will hang up my size 32 A bra and let my boobs hang free, go grab my crochet and sit in my rocking chair and knit away (again, another stereo type). I will make that decision myself and not society. Look at Iris Apfel, Madonna, Elle MacPherson, Beyoncé and Oprah Winfrey  (just to name a few) for inspiration who decide to keep on living and striving, and not conform to what society tells them what they should do or how to be.

So in the meantime, continue to watch me as I aim to not be part of that minority gang and I will ‘rebel’ and make a difference in the system and be a voice for the up coming generation if I can be.

You can be whatever you want to be, at whatever age you are. YOU are in control of YOUR destiny.


Missguided Jeans / military ankle boots by Zara / turtleneck by Mango / vintage poncho cardigan by Cotton-On


Affordable boho chic for a day of strolling along the Beach

Can you believe we are now in April? April!! Where on earth has this year already gone and in two months its already going to be half way in. I’ll be honest with you guys (like I always am here) lately I haven’t been doing so good – my anxiety has returned full throttle and I’m going through a real downer, lately where I’m questioning a-lot of things in my life.

I have been a-lot more stressed than usual, being my own worst enemy and also doesn’t help is a friend (is she still is that, I don’t know as true friends are honest and respectful) broke my heart by not being upfront with me… but anyway for now I won’t get into it, as its still so raw…

What I'm Wearing Today - Style & Life by Susana

So today, I decided to take a day off work to regroup my thoughts and spirit. Sometimes you need to just need to get that that and get away for a bit to clear your spirit and balance your soul. And what better place than the beach.

So I’ve come today to Anglesea which is located just ten minutes west of Torquay on the Great Ocean Road, this quaint surf town is the perfect spot for all beach and surfing activities but if you’re like me, so not a surfy chick – then it’s perfect just to get away and rejuvenate. With the sun beaming down upon you, energising your spirit and soul, the water cleaning away the negativity – seriously there is nothing better and it is the best therapy you are going to have.

As I sit here on the rocks on the beach at Angleasea, I send you all lots of cyber hugs. Have a fabulous day wherever you are in the world and stay safe xoxo

What I'm Wearing Today - Style & Life by Susana


*Burgundy Lapel Rolled Up Sleeve Split Long Outerwear by SheIn (on-sale), ripped skinny jeans by H&M (bought in Portugal), top by TEMT and *leather gold sandals by Banjarans

* These items were gifted to me for editorial consideration. This post contains an affiliate link. Full disclosure policy here

Photography by TAS / Location: Anglesea - Victoria, AUSTRALIA

Time to Experiment & Get Asymmetrical

Simplicity and basic pieces are all you need to look chic no matter the price tag

Autumn (or fall as its known in America) is here and we are in the last week of March already and its gorgeous! I have always loved March (apart from that it’s my birthday month – haha!) and the season of autumn.

Just the color of the leaves on the trees as they are changing, the flowers, seems to be more butterflies around (I have noticed that more today)… just really the feel of autumn in the air.

Today’s outfit it a long asymmetrical t-shirt dress, which I’ve paired with my trusty Tony Bianco over the thigh boots and although the weather is still quite warm, there are days now where its just getting slightly cooler and you know that winter is just around the corner.

This t-shirt dress is perfect for a casual day at the office or out for coffee with your girlfriends. You can dress it with black leggings for an easy to wear look or style it up with over the thigh boots which will bring a classic aesthetic to the ensemble.

OK, I’m off to work now but first of all I need to stop by the service station to pick up an energy drink. I stayed up until midnight last night working on a post for later this week and completely did not notice the time – so I’m a tad tired, yep self inflicted! Haha!

Have  fabulous day beautiful people xoxo



Weekend Edition: Off-Duty & Super Comfortable

Now anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my fashion and getting dressed up for any sort of occasion.

But I also love when the weekend come’s and I get to dress down and just be super comfy.

It’s all about keeping it simple, being relaxed and being super comfortable.

And I don’t know if this is against fashion/style blogger rules – but I’m going to rebel (because I am such a rebel!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr! Haha!!) that I’m going to show you all what I’m wearing today – it’s weekend edition style!

Yes!!! I’m a dag! In Australian slang terms, that means I’m a goof ball or basically I’m going to be so unfashionable today that I don’t care. Haha!!

I’m off grocery shopping with my mama and first we are going to hit the Aldi Supermarket, and then finish off the rest of the grocery shopping at Coles. At the moment it’s a very cool breeze, hence me wearing my hoodie top that I bought at Cotton-On Body at Westfield Geelong but apparently its going to warm up later this afternoon.

Anyway, I better get going before my mama yells at me (yep, she still scares me if she gets angry at me – doesn’t matter how old I am. Haha! God bless you, mama. Mwah!!) that we’re running late as she still has to mow the lawns later before it gets too hot. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!! xoxo

P.S. I don’t care what any fashionista says, I bet you they do wear trackpants!!  …and if they say they don’t, they lie. 😉 😀

What I’m Wearing: Hoodie top bought at Cotton-On Bodytrack pants bought at Factorie, Nova sneakers gifted by Holster Fashion and finished off outfit with fedora hat bought at vintage store, Salvation Army.

Do you love keeping it super simple too? What do you love to wear on the weekend, thats your off-duty outfit? I’d love to know in the comments below.