For over 70 years now the ugg boot has been an Australian icon – from sheep shearer, to surfie, to under the bed, ugg boots have been part of the australian culture. It is seriously, an icon in its own right and the whole world love a good pair of uggies!

Not some cheapo, knock off, got it a garage sale (eugh!) or second hand version from the vintage store – you must invest (!!). Buy your very own good pair of ugg boots and who else to buy it from, but Australian Ugg Original.

In the words of Chaka Khan, ‘ain’t nobody loves you better, ain’t nobody will make you happy”. Give your feet the sweet love and protection that it needs, that it deserves.

These are my very favourite new ugg boots – the classic twin button mini. They are original ugg boots handmade in Australia of genuine Australian double faced sheepskin grade A. They feel so soft, super comfortable, my feet immediately so warm, the amazing goody quality assures me that they will last for a very long time. And plus, they are red meaning I look hot – literally. Haha!


* These ugg boots were gifted to me for editorial consideration. This post contains an affiliate link. Full disclosure policy here


Nail your party, going out event or date look with this wrap dress from Bardot. The Miranda Wrap Dress features a plunging neckline with mock wrap front, elasticised waist band with fabric tie, long sleeves with fused cuff and flowing skirt.

The wrap dress is iconic and was first introduced to the world by Diane Von Furstenberg back in 1974, and has gone through many reinventions which has still stayed true to the original.  The wrap dress is designed to be worn out to a night club, going to a café to catch up with friends and even to the office. Its a dress that is made for any body shape and is a contradiction all in one: stylish & sexy for your man but then perfectly demure when you have dinner with his parents.

The wrap dress accentuates and compliments a woman’s figure, displaying a combination of strength, sexuality, individuality and femininity. It’s a dress that is simplistic yet it radiates high glamour. This dress continues to be in style every year and is a must for any wardrobe. So whether you buy an original DVF or another version from another brand, it will be a dress that will stand the test of time in terms of style. A timeless piece that will never fashion or style.



The clutch is the perfect match for most outfit looks and this particular clutch is one that will suit a casual look, right through to a street vibe dressed up look. Most times I don’t like to always use a normal handbag and prefer to go out with a clutch. It’s a look that is quite chic, edgy and simple and this particular clutch, will fit in my phone, cards and car keys (and even my lip gloss!).

Belle Couleur designs luxe & stylish leather and cowhide bags,wallets, clutches, handbags and many gorgeous accessories. Over the years Belle Couleur have gained a reputation for its unique and edgy collection. Each Belle Couleur item is handpicked and exclusive, and have limited availability only.

Belle Couleur is french and means quite simply, ‘beautiful colour’ and they are dedicated to sourcing and designing genuine leather accessories with an emphasis on great design, quality materials, gorgeous detail… and of course, beautiful colour.


Camille Red Leather Bag with a shoulder strap
Clara Jersey Hide Red Leather Clutch
Amelie Jersey Tan Leather Bag
Photography by Mateus Barroso.
* Advertorial post in collaboration with Belle Couleur 

I’ve been a fan of Tony Bianco’s footwear for many many years now and feel he is one of Australia’s best shoe designers and is on high level with the international footwear designers. The shoes are of high quality and you can expect it to not be that easily affordable for the general public. However the great news with Tony Bianco and he has set the precedence here, is by introducing, ‘After Pay’ – shop now, pay later! More on that later…

When I saw the Neptune thigh high boots, my mouth literally just dropped to the floor. It is to die for gorgeous!! It is a black stretch fitted thigh high boot with a slight flared block heel and back zip for entry. Stretch synthetic upper and lining, the heel height is 10cm and the leg height is approximately 65cm. These boots will look absolutely fabulous paired with a mid thigh length dress, skirt or even with a tunic t-shirt. I will say that they are of a tight slimming fit. But seriously these boots will up your outfit and command attention.

Neptune Thigh Boots – Tony Bianco 

Originally these boots were (AUD) $239.95 but now they are on-sale for $150.00!!!

Now more about this ‘After Pay’. What’s so amazing at Tony Bianco online is if there is something that you ABSOLUTELY love and really want to buy but you’re just not able to afford it, they introduced a while ago a payment plan called ‘After Pay’. It is basically where you can shop now and pay later. It is 100% interest free and you pay off your item every fortnight.

For example with these boots it can be paid in four payments of $37.50, every fortnight. Now, how freaking fashion fabulous awesome is that??!!!!

I cannot wait to get my new Neptune thigh boots in the next few days! Look out for them in my future outfit posts. 😉


I’ll set the scene for you… just a few days ago as I was going about my usual daily ‘window shopping’  (cough cough …I always tried to only window shop but these clothes, they just call me name! *LOL*) routine. I walked into Zara on Rua de Augusta, in Lisbon (Portugal). Casually, just admiring the works of art, I mean the clothes, walking around slowly and after being there for about 45 minutes or so and having just paid at the cash register my new three blouses, a bomber jacket, two pants, three t-shirts and a jumpsuit… I was just about to step out of the store when low and behold my eyes just fixated on these pair of red high heel shoes!!

How on earth did I not see these as I was just, ‘casually walking around’ the store?!

Seriously, my heart skipped a beat and I said out loud, ‘WOW!’  As you may have noticed on my blog, I do have a thing for red and especially shoes. I don’t know what it is, but I just love red, and especially with shoes as I feel they are a real glamour and head turner.

These lace up heels from Zara are just plain and simple, GORGEOUS! The lace-up shoe continues to be huge on trend and I don’t think it will end any time soon. Paired with denim or black pants or even a dress (or skirt) will just lift and exude your outfit with pure class and style (and lets be honest here, sexiness). This style of heels will last for many years to come, trust me!

So when I finally walked out of Zara, with my third shopping bag from there, I whispered to my brand new shoes, ‘I love you.’ 😀