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Totally agree with you, actually any season you can look great without spending hundreds of dollars. I think coat is just perfect for a winter (and I love your coat very much), because you can combine it both with heels and sneakers and it will look good!

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What a great tips, thank you, Susana! I totally agree with you, spring is the best time to change your life.
I am trying to eat healthy and unplug myself from social media, but it is waaaaaay too difficult!

Americano Retro Style & The Power of Being A Woman
Wow girl! Your pictures are gorgeous, so sexy and energetic! First outfit looks so gorgeous on you, like this jeans and shirt. Very casual yet sexy 🙂
Pretty Little things is such an great brand, will check it out!

Grayton Watches | Product Review
Wow, this watch is amazing! I love automatic watches, cuz you can totally relax and not think about changing battery, etc. I love watches too, I this it is the best accessory ever.

Who Is, ‘Style & Life by Susana’?
Great post! This is what all of us need today: someone who can tell us the truth, cuz life became crazy with all this social media appearance.
It is great for me to know more things about you.

Such a nice and comfy look, love your pics, they are so funny 🙂
You look great in red btw. And that jeans and sunnies are amazing!

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