"Don't change to fit in with fashion. Change fashion to fit in with you."

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ABOUT ME                 "I don't look like a model but I strut through life like a supermodel. I am beautifully weird. I am a little eccentric. I am a little bit eclectic. I am unique. I do things a little differently. I am different. I am art. I am, me."  Susana                                                       READ MORE



IVF is a lot more common than what a lot of people realise. People of all different nationalities, religions and ages are all turning to IVF more and more to make their family dream a reality. Infertility affects people of all ages.                                    READ MORE

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"For people who don’t understand why others mourn the death of artists, You need to understand that these people have been a shoulder to cry on.  Our rock. They’ve been family, friends, leaders, teachers and role models. Many have taught...Continue reading